Outdoor entertaining need not be a seasonal affair when you have the perfect outdoor room with an opening roof from Louvretec Australia. Regardless of the weather outside, you can be the perfect host, offering your guests a comfortable, protected and well-ventilated outdoor space to enjoy their evening.  

Customers often approach Louvretec for a solution that would offer them protection from the cold breeze during the cooler months. Louvretec recommends their clear PVC outdoor blinds to protect outdoor areas from cool breezes. These blinds are the perfect complement to a Louvretec opening roof, creating the ultimate outdoor room with complete weather protection. The clear PVC blinds also allow sunlight and warmth through even when closed on those sunny but cooler winter days.

Louvretec also offers their hinged, sliding or bi-folding shutters for the application. An excellent, hard-wearing alternative, these shutters can be slid aside during the day to allow sunlight to flow through and partially or fully closed at night. Featuring a sleek, contemporary aesthetic, Louvretec’s shutters are perfectly suited to areas with outdoor fireplaces, kitchens or BBQ as the blades can be quickly opened for ventilation.