Opening Roofs

Louvretec Opening Roofs are regularly specified as a major part of a learning environment’s shade strategy.

The conversion of a warehouse included the installation of bays of Translucent Opening Roofs for Treetops Early Learning Centre in Adelaide. The Translucent Opening Roof was chosen for added ventilation and light control as the translucent panels allow a filtered light to flow through when the blades are closed. This instantly provides an effective glare strategy for bright days and on dull days the filtered light keeps the room feeling dark.  The bays of Translucent Opening Roofs run off three motors which means the Opening Roofs can be operated independently of one another providing flexibility.  Opening Roofs instantly created a functional, additional learning space.

Adaptability of spaces is a major bonus for a learning environment. Having indoor outdoor flow into a covered outdoor area opens the classroom providing a range of spaces to learn.  This is particularly effective in a classroom environment where a range of students at different learning levels require different learning and teaching styles and settings all within the same learning environment.

Students at Nuriootpa Primary enjoy their operable overhead cover thanks to the protection their 12 Opening Roofs provide. Students have sheltered outdoor spaces when required – alternatively the roofs can be opened when fresh air or more light is desired.

Motorised Opening Roofs let teachers set the class scene by being able to control the amount of natural light or sun, shade and airflow required into their classroom from outside. In turn, an easy transition to outside learning areas extends learning spaces by removing barriers such as walls or small openings so getting outside is seamless. Students can see outside without any visual barriers then they will naturally flow to the outdoors.

The inclusion of Opening Roofs to a learning environment creates a pleasing, stylish learning setting not only for students but for teachers too. Teachers are easily able to adjust the level of sunlight or shade required in to their classroom or enjoy protection from the elements when needed.

Bond University on the Gold Coast features 10 x Louvretec Opening Roofs for their students cafeteria area so they can enjoy welcomed operable overhead cover during their break times.

The new King’s School Centennial Building in central Auckland specified a Louvretec sun louvre system as part of their shade strategy. The top floor of this building required a special treatment in the form of architectural louvres which provides shade to the classroom directly below but also brings a sleek aesthetic element to complete the facade.

Architects Warren and Mahoney specified 300mm Maxi Louvres in a Bracket Fixed configuration on King’s School’s Centennial Building. The large 300mm wide sun louvres specified are fixed at a 45-degree pitch for the most effective sun control – providing strategic shade while at the same time admitting plenty of natural light to the classrooms below.

Louvretec’s 300mm Maxi Louvres are a large, airfoil shape with very good span widths. The louvres are constructed of aluminium, making them strongly resistant to wear and tear – an imperative given the building’s focus on sustainability.

St Mary’s College in Ponsonby also feature sun louvre systems as part of their shade strategy.

The performance of students and teachers alike is shown to improve with higher ventilation and sun shade rates which creates a more comfortable learning environment. Sun streaming directly on to students is a distraction and uncomfortable, installing a sun louvre system lets the teacher set the class setting for effective learning and retention.

Louvretec’s award winning Spiral Pivot drive system ensures a smooth, quiet operation of motorised Opening roof & sun louvre systems.

Constructed of aluminium, Louvretec Opening Roofs and Sun Louvre systems have been designed to Australia’s demanding environments and are backed by an extensive product warranty. Available nationwide.