Most Australian homes rely on aluminium louvres and shutters to connect with the great outdoors. The adjustable blades can be opened to let in air and light in just the right amounts.

A highly versatile feature in homes across Australia, window louvres and shutters can keep your home cool during the warm summer as well as snug and cosy during the cold winter. Louvres and shutters are available in different anodised or powdercoat colours and styles to suit every home decor. Some colours are more popular than others – here’s what is trending in Australian homes right now.


White is a highly versatile colour that can be matched or contrasted with anything. Louvres and shutters powder-coated in white offset the base colour of any wall effectively. White contrasts perfectly with every colour from black and silver through to burnt reds and olive greens.


Cream is a popular colour for louvres and shutters in Australian homes. Warmer than white, cream is a pleasing and comforting colour, and being a neutral shade, goes well with all colours in the spectrum. When paired well, cream-coloured louvres and shutters can look elegant and even sophisticated.

Light browns

Lighter wood grain finishes take inspiration from Scandinavian design and coastal living. Instead of more formal looking dark tones, use a light wood grain or light brown powdercoat finish to create a relaxed and casual look. Light browns also go well with a whole host of colour schemes and fit seamlessly into the design of the home.


Copper is increasingly being specified for powder-coating various surfaces. It can be paired with matt black for louvres and shutters to create a two-tone effect. This is particularly amazing on opening roofs when dark opening roof frames are paired off with copper louvre blades.

Dark grey

While light colours are very popular, darker shades have begun to trend in Australian homes, especially on louvres and shutters. Dark grey, a popular colour seen often in houses around the country, contrasts beautifully with other colour schemes in the building, and also with nature. Dark grey paired with white or light grey walls adds dimension and contemporary aesthetics to the home or office.

Aluminium louvres and shutters from LouvreTec Australia are available in a number of different colours and shades. Explore the LouvreTec product gallery and find something that goes perfectly well with your existing colour scheme.