The translucent opening roof available from Louvretec Australia is an excellent solution for increasing the entry of natural light in the outdoor area when the roof is closed.

Louvretec’s 260 translucent opening roof allows filtered light to flow through into the covered outdoor area, eliminating the issue of loss of light. The opening roof is uniquely designed to enhance the aesthetics of any building, providing true indoor-outdoor living solutions for creating more natural light.

Each blade in the Louvretec translucent opening roof features a hardened ice white high impact acrylic Naturelite panel, which lets soft, filtered light flow through when closed. The Naturelite is UV treated and displays superior toughness, impact strength and resistance to sun degradation. The all-weather 260 translucent roof allows you to make the most of the winter sun when open, and provides shelter, privacy and sun protection without losing the natural light when closed.

Key features of the Louvretec translucent opening roof include blades rotating up to 180 degrees to allow the user to follow the sun’s path; 256mm wide blades creating large open spaces when the roof is open; hidden woolpile closing strip ensuring silent closing and rattle-free operation; and choice of colours in powdercoat or anodised finish options to match existing joinery.

Designed by Louvretec Australia and built rugged to suit outdoor environments, the 260 translucent opening roof has been completely tested for performance. The award-winning systems and componentry of the translucent roof are manufactured to the highest engineering standards and backed by the trusted Louvretec Product Warranty.