While a few empty nesters choose downsizing and minimalism in their retirement years, there are several others who have taken to renovating their homes to create more space for their expanding family, especially their grandchildren.

With grandparents sharing the responsibility of raising their grandchildren, exterior areas in their homes are being retrofitted to create more space.

From gorgeous rental property restorations to modern house renovations, an exterior room is being considered not only to create more space but also to achieve a seamless indoor-outdoor flow, particularly from a lounge or kitchen via the outdoor room and out to the backyard or garden.

These exterior rooms need to have a practical design so that the outdoor space is usable all year, regardless of the season or weather condition. The design should keep in mind the comfort of the occupants as well as adaptability to changing weather.

Outdoor rooms or patio rooms typically feature a deck and an opening closing roof along with sun louvres, outdoor blinds or glass doors to close in the sides. The room can be accessorised with Louvretec outdoor downlights, louvre blade lights and infrared glowing exterior heating systems to create the ultimate outdoor space.

The all-weather outdoor room will, no doubt, become the family’s new favourite space. Depending on the weather outside, you can move the louvre sliders away and open the louvre roofing or alternatively, shut the louvres, activate the exterior heaters and create a comfortable sanctuary when needed.

Completely personalised to match any building style or colour palette, the new outdoor room conveniently enhances both older style residences and brand-new builds. With over 100 different colours to choose from, you can match your louvred patio roof with your existing joinery. Alternatively, a fresh pop of colour on your outdoor room will make your property stand out in the neighbourhood.

An outdoor living space can add value to your house by creating more space and adding stunning design aesthetics. Bringing the outdoors in has a new meaning when you have an outdoor room featuring a retractable roof including an exterior area matched to the design of your residence or building.