Vanguard Blinds lists five sure-fire ideas to instantly improve your home’s kerb appeal. Here are 5 Top Tips guaranteed to add a wow factor to the facade of your home.


One of the most popular, proven and effective ways to improve your home’s street appeal, a beautiful garden with low maintenance plants of varying textures, sizes and colours will surely draw attention. Use plants to create zones and anchor the home by grouping greenery around the base of the house.

Window dressing

Internal window dressing is quite common and hardly a novelty. Windows are dressed using shades, drapes and blinds to improve their aesthetic appeal and provide privacy. Doing so externally will, however, make the house stand out in the neighbourhood. Three products with the biggest impact in an external window application include shutters, external venetian blinds and fabric awnings.

Statement doors

Installing a statement front door and street number can create an impressive look for the entire home. Timber front doors with glass inserts or brightly coloured painted doors are eye-catching options; combined with bold numbers in a modern font, the home will be a traffic-stopper.

Styling the deck

Style the front landing or deck space to make the home appear lived in and welcoming. Don’t let these spaces turn into a dumping ground for shoes, sports equipment and pet bedding.

Pressure-wash the house

A good pressure wash can make a huge difference to the home’s exterior appearance. Clean concrete and other surfaces with a high pressure hose to brighten the facade without spending a lot.