Nothing adds warmth and a relaxing atmosphere to a home quite like a fireplace. Advances in modern gas fireplaces means Australians are now able to enjoy all the benefits a fireplace provides with greater flexibility in design and installation.

The versatility of gas fireplaces and the available installation options make them an ideal heating solution for any home, regardless of size, location or age.

Gas fireplaces are available in three basic types of installation:

  • Gas Fireplace Inserts are for homes with an existing fireplace opening. These are the ideal way to add the warmth and style of a gas fireplace while eliminating the need for additional work and greatly reducing installation costs. Flueing is simply run through the existing chimney.
  • Zero Clearance Gas Fireplaces are ideal where no pre-existing fireplace opening exists in new homes as well as for renovations that will wow. The fireplace and flue are built into timber frame constructions (or masonry), keeping the amount of space used to a minimum. These units can be flued either vertically or horizontally on an external wall.
  • Freestanding Gas Fireplaces, as the name implies, stand separate from the wall and require no surrounding enclosure. The flue is run from the fireplace through the ceiling and roof, providing a simple solution for those without pre-existing fireplace openings. These units can also be terminated horizontally.

Gas fireplaces use ‘direct vent’ flueing, meaning all combustion air is drawn from outside as well as venting all gasses from combustion directly outside. This greatly improves indoor air quality as the oxygen levels remain the same and also makes the heaters much more efficient than traditional open fireplaces.

One of the most popular brands on the market today is the Lopi range of gas fireplaces, in particular, the new linear range.

The Lopi range of fireplaces create a beautiful focal point of any home, and help enhance the look and feel of any room.

Lopi fireplaces have been created with the designer in mind, with an enormous range of design options available to suit any architectural style.

Media options include a traditional log, a driftwood log or a more contemporary twig and stone option, creating the perfect complement to brick and stone walls.

The choice of backing liners within the firebox range from traditional brick, painted or enamel black through to an elegant ledgestone or a modern and stylish stainless steel. On some models, reflective glass covering options are available and include black, bronze, platinum and cobalt, adding another depth of colour to the fireplace.

The addition of translucent crushed glass flooring with under lighting that shines through provides an amazing visual display even when the fire is off, for a fireplace that will impress all-year-round.

Beyond aesthetics, it is the performance of Lopi fireplaces that make them the perfect heater for modern living.

Flexibility in fluing, including the option for up to 12m vertical and 18m horizontal, means the fireplaces can be installed safely and easily in just about any position in the home and are ideal for multi-residential complexes. As the flue is a natural draft system, it means there are no mechanical components, and there is no need for replacement of parts or access points for ongoing inspections.

Operation of Lopi Fireplaces could not be simpler, with the innovative GreenSmart2™ technology providing maximum comfort ease of use and convenience. The GreenSmart2™ Remote allows the user to easily start the fireplace, set a desired temperature in Smart Mode and let the unit self adjust the flame height according to room temperature. The remote also controls features the six speed fans, accent lights, the comfort control and the GreenSmart™ Pilot. The GreenSmart™ pilot allows the unit to operate with automatic ignition or a standing pilot, for when the colder months arrive to ensure start up and help prevent condensation on the glass.

Lopi firepalces are available in a range of sizes and formats for a fireplace that is guaranteed to make a statement.