A freestanding gas fireplace that brings you the experience and performance of a wood-burning stove – the Cypress from Lopi Fireplaces is everything you wanted in a fireplace with the added convenience of a gas burner.

The contemporary looking Lopi Cypress GS2 freestanding gas fireplace is a standout feature in ‘The Casa’, a newly renovated, Mediterranean-style guest house in the NSW Kangaroo Valley. Low maintenance and simple to use, the Cypress mimics the look and feel of a freestanding wood stove, thanks to its award-winning burner technology.

The Casa – Kangaroo Valley guest house

The Casa

Simplicity is the underlying theme at The Casa with the design informed by pared back living. With its history as a renowned art gallery, ‘The Casa’ is an architect-designed escape featuring sustainable eco-friendly properties, and situated in a beautiful natural environment.

The overall style of ‘The Casa’ is inspired by the warmth and imperfect character of Mediterranean farmhouses. With a palette that is nature-inspired, the materiality is earthy with organic shapes, raw textures and contemporary touches.

True replacement for small freestanding wood heaters

The Cypress combines the Ember-Fyre burner, a high-definition log set and beautiful dancing flames to achieve a true likeness to a wood-burning stove – minus the hassle of sourcing and storing wood.

Similar to a modern wood stove, the Cypress provides warmth in two ways – radiant and convection heat. Radiant heat comes off the stove in straight lines – think of warming your back around a campfire. Convection heat works like a forced-air furnace, with super-heated air delivered not just into the room but throughout the house through natural convection.

Unlike a wood stove, the Cypress can be controlled from the palm of your hand. The GreenSmart 2 remote control allows you to set the temperature and thermostat mode, or adjust the height of the flame, as well as the accent lights and six different fan speeds.


Same fireplace, different look

However, if you are looking for a more traditional design, consider the cast iron Lopi Greenfield gas fireplace. Identical on the inside, the Greenfield offers a completely different look compared to the sleek and modern Cypress.

Featuring the clean lines, graceful proportions, and old-fashion cast iron appeal of a traditional fireplace, the Greenfield stove not only serves as a true heat source but also becomes a beautiful piece of furniture in the home.

Both Cypress and Greenfield feature a three-sided glass design, allowing you to view the incredible dancing flames from any angle in the room.


Ease of installation

With no surrounding enclosure to be built around the units, Lopi freestanding gas fireplaces significantly reduce the complexity and cost of installation while increasing the positioning options.

The versatile venting options mean that both the Cypress and Greenfield models can have flue running off the top of the unit or directly off the rear.

Product specs