Lomb Scientific  provides scientific equipment such as chemicals and instrumentation to commercial and engineering sectors in Australia. Products from Lomb Scientific comply with all Australian and international standards of safety and quality. The major product groups from Lomb Scientific are glassware, plastic ware, instrumentation, general consumables and chemicals and MSDS.

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) are supplied by the laboratory chemicals associates from Lomb Scientific. The main laboratory chemicals suppliers associated with Lomb Scientific are Ajax Finechem, Fronine Lab Supplies, Labscan and Reagecon. Lomb Scientific supplies glassware and glass instruments at competitive rates. Glassware from Lomb Scientific is manufactured by leading companies such as Brand, BOECO, Vitrex, Menzel and many more.

The general consumables range from Lomb Scientific includes products such as hydrometers, pressure gauges, thermometers, safety eye wear, liquid handling systems, chromatography equipment, filtration instruments, hardware, syringes, needles and the like. These products are manufactured by companies such as Drummond, Lovibond, Chromacol and Carlton Glass.