THE Henkel Group , which has manufactured the Loctite, Nordbak and Fixmaster range of maintenance solutions for 50 years, will be displaying its composite technology at BULKEX.

Henkel's products address the problems caused by wear, abrasion, chemical attack, erosion, corrosion, impingement, entrainment and mechanical damage.

Henkel Australia composites sales manager David Mohorovicic said Loctite had entered a new phase of supporting maintenance teams and engineers with methods of reclaiming and protecting assets.

Simply, composites can rebuild equipment that has been abrasively worn or even chemically attacked. It can then extend its service life by introducing a more wear-resistant surface, or adding properties of greater chemical resistance.

Loctite has a dedicated team working with companies to investigate possible maintenance solutions. The team establishes scopes of work and oversees contractors in projects varying from wear due to grain handling, to concrete failure caused by chemical attack or natural erosion/corrosion. The team regularly provides solutions to problems of concrete spalling

"Loctite branded products are foremost in the business of solving and preventing customers problems," Mr Mohorovicic said.

"With Nordbak and Fixmaster composite technology providing the foundation, you get more than a product. As a partner, Loctite will work side-by-side with you to create and implement solutions."