Break West Hire , an Australian owned and operated company distributes TE buckets and attachments for loaders and excavators. Break West Hire offers equipment on hire in capacities ranging from 1.3 tonnes to 48 tonnes. Some of the machines from Break West Hire include hydraulic plate compactors and rock breakers.

Break West Hire offers two different types of excavators classified according to capacity. One type is of a capacity ranging between 1.5 to 13 tonnes and the other between 20 to 48 tonnes. Both these excavators are further classified into different types.

Excavators ranging from 28-48 tonnes includes Kobelco SK200R, SK210, SK330 and Komatsu PC200. The features of Kobelco excavators include air conditioned cabinet with vandal covers, zero swing, hydraulic quick jerks to move the materials fast, plate compactors, rock breaker and also comes with a trapezoidal bucket.

The Komatsu PC 200 is a huge machine with air conditioned cabinet. The tracks are made from 800 millimetres steel chains and there are rippers attached to them. There machines also feature hydraulic quick jerks for moving the material quickly and buckets are also attached to them. Other features include plate compactors, trapezoidal bucket and a rock breaker.