LiteSteel beam (LSB) from LiteSteel Technologies has been used to create large open plan living spaces in the skillion roofed luxury home. With the choice of long span LSB roof rafters, builder Steve Goold really came to appreciate the strength, ease of on site handling and the simplicity of standard connections in this steel framed visionary project.

Overall benefits of LiteSteel beam in residential rafters include:

  • Long span with lighter beams for the same performances as heavier sections
  • Onsite handling made easier
  • LSB is shallower than any realistic alternative used for roof rafters
  • Standard tools
  • Easy connections
  • No heavy lifting equipment


  • Builder: South East Steel Framing
  • Engineer: Structerre, Brisbane
  • LSB sections used: 250 x 60 x 2.0 LSB for rafters in the main building / 150 x 45 x 2.0 LSB for rafters in the garage
  • Connections: Screwed LSB to steel frame
  • General description of project: Long span skillion roof rafters for a two storey luxury home. LSB rafters provided longer spans, creating larger living spaces within the home.