Custom made metal bath features, metal bath surrounds, toilet seat covers, kitchen back panels, customised fridge and matching metal tiles are just some of the innovative ideas that can totally change the look of a bathroom or kitchen.

Metal tiles and borders are available in bronze, brass, silver, gold, iron, copper and platinum, in modern, classic and alternative styles and in any size or shape. These products are water proofed and chemically resistant.

Features and benefits of Metal Coatings by Liquid Metal Technologies :

  • No specialised processing equipment or facilities required
  • Displays good adhesion properties to all types of substrates including: wood, plastic, metal, fibro cement, ceramics, concrete, acrylic
  • Oxidises like real metal (if desired)
  • Holds well on vertical surfaces
  • Dries fast in an average temperature of 25º C
  • Resistant to chemical reactions
  • Can be 100 % waterproof, upon request
  • Durable and hard wearing
  • UV resistant
  • Non - toxic