Lighting Science  Group has released new LED lighting technology designed to act as a replacement for standard incandescent lamps and compact fluorescent lamps (CFLs) in homes and commercial environments.

The new LED replacement lamp is engineered to optimise light output, colour, quality, life and overall performance, and provides light output sufficient for everyday tasks. Using only 7.5 watts, the new LED replacement lamp reduces greenhouse gas emissions, and energy consumption by up to 84 percent compared with standard incandescent lamps. In addition, Lighting Science LED replacement lamps are six times more efficient than standard incandescent lamps, approximately 20 percent more efficient than comparable CFL alternatives, last 20 times longer than incandescent lamps, and up to six times longer than CFLs.

LED lighting represents an environmentally friendly choice for homes and commercial buildings because it contains no hazardous materials such as mercury found in compact fluorescents. Unlike conventional fluorescent lamp technology, LEDs do not emit harmful UV rays and can be turned on and off as needed, requiring no extra time to reach full brightness.