The design of Eyeleds Floorleds floor lighting from Lighting Science is based on LED technology. Flooring specialists can easily install these lights and their recess-mounted fixtures require only a minimum floor thickness of 7 mm to install.

The floor lighting has a lifespan of 100,000 hours or 34 years if the product is used for a total of eight hours every day. They are available in round and square shapes. The round models only consume 0.3 watts and the square models 0.6 watts making them an energy efficient lighting product.

These floor lights are robustly constructed with a UV resistant lens that can withstand 285 kg of walkover pressure. Walking and driving over these lights is not a problem. They are cool to touch, never getting hotter than 34 degrees celsius. The floor lighting is available in the following LED colours - cool white, warm white, blue and amber.
Eyeleds Floorleds can be installed in hardwood, laminate, natural stone, ceramic tiles and quartz flooring and have a number of practical applications. These include:

  • Accent lighting
  • Guide lighting
  • Night-lights
  • Orientation lighting
  • Marker lighting
  • Safety lighting
They can be found in building entrances and exits, casinos, conference rooms, elevators, entertainment facilities, hotels, lobbies, offices, restaurants, retail enterprises, sporting facilities, stairways, theatres and walkways.