Lighting Council Australia  invests considerable energy and time working with the Greenhouse office and other similar bodies and ensures improvement in environmental standards continuously. Some of the recent works of Lighting Council Australia include Green Purchasing Guide and Minimum energy performance standards (MEPS) for ballasts.

In order to prepare a guideline checklist of green lighting products the Lighting Technical Committee is working with the Greenhouse Office of Australia for acquisition by the government. Lighting will be a pilot program under a broad checklist covering several industries.

AEEMA and Lighting Council Australia have worked with the Australian Greenhouse Office to commence minimum energy performance standards for lighting ballasts in the year 2003. The MEPS regime which has been proposed accords with the timetable set by the European Directive. European Directive specifies that low loss ballasts also referred to as B2 ballasts, will be the minimum from the first day of March 2003 onwards.

Lighting Council Australia has also worked with Australian Communications Authority (ACA) for the purpose of implementing an EMC-compliance framework for the lighting industry. Under this scheme, the qualifying members are allowed to confirm to the EMC framework of the Australian government in a cost-effective manner. The products which got confirmed display the well-known C-tick mark of the government.