Light Application was engaged to install an autonomous lighting control system at the Scarborough Beach Pool, recently opened by the City of Stirling as a state-of-the-art recreational facility. Several energy-saving initiatives such as geothermal heating of the lap and leisure pools as well as sensor controlled LED lighting have been implemented at the facility.

Engineering Technology Consultants, the electrical consultants for the Scarborough Beach Pool specified Dynalite as the intelligent lighting control system (ILCS) of choice to provide autonomous lighting control of the facilities with minimal staff interaction.

Light Application was approached to implement the lighting control system across the facility.

The Dynalite ILCS controls the lighting for both front-of-house (pools, reception, change rooms) as well as back-of-house (plant rooms, store rooms, distribution/communications rooms) areas. The system is interfaced with the access control, security and fire systems.

Sensors in the main reception where DALI LED luminaires have been installed facilitate daylight harvesting, delivering further energy savings when the natural daylight achieves the required LUX levels in the foyer. Ceiling mounted sensors in the change rooms allow detection of users in closed cubicles to prevent lighting from automatically switching off.

The pool lighting consists of 8 curved lighting poles with 3 LED floodlights per pole, with the LED floodlights being controlled by Dynalite Ballast Controllers to achieve the required LUX levels while still maintaining energy savings for 4 main modes: Security Mode, After Hours Mode, Public Mode and Competition Mode (from lowest to highest LUX levels). The ILCS contains an astronomical time-clock and PE cell to provide redundancy of all external functional lighting, ensuring the lighting is turned on as natural daylight fades each day.

The RGBW DMX lighting is programmed to provide a vibrant and fun element to the building by simulating the colours of sunset at 5 minutes post sunset, the colours of sunrise at 5 minutes prior to sunrise and settling on yellow at all other times during the evening. It also displays the colours of a beach ball (Pastel Blue, Pastel Green, Lime Yellow, Orange, Pastel Pink) every 15 minutes in a cycle between sunset and 1am.

Photography: Artist Liaison