Available now from Liftronic , the Unitronic is a machine roomless elevator that utilises a high efficiency variable voltage, variable frequency (VVVF) gearless motor and delivers low noise levels with optimal ride comfort.

With all machinery located within the lift shaft, the need for a purpose built lift motor room is removed with the Unitronic machine roomless elevator.

Able to be customised to suit specific requirements, the Unitronic machine roomless elevator is capable of carrying loads up to 10,000kg and can travel at speeds up to 4m/s depending on the load.

Thanks to the latest VVVF gearless motor technology, operating costs for these machine roomless elevators are low, while efficiency still remains high.

Other features and benefits of the Unitronic machine roomless elevator include:

  • compliance with AS1735 - the Australian Standard for lifts
  • reduced overall building height
  • reduced building construction costsreduced shaft dimensions maximising floor space within the building
  • low noise and vibration levels
  • suitable for all vertical transport applications
  • full customisation and design flexibility with dimensions and aesthetics; and
  • numerous safety features.