LG Electronics collaborated with leading architecture and industrial design firm Foster + Partners on a unique installation featuring the new LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R at the Milan Design Week.

Titled ‘Redefining Space’, the collaborative installation showcasing LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R (model 65R9) highlights the intersection of technology and spatial design as well as LG’s commitment to design innovation. LG’s rollable OLED TV redefines the relationship between a television and the space it inhabits: this particular television’s design philosophy leverages a new level of space integration and ‘freedom from walls’.

Foster + Partners worked closely with LG during the development of the rollable OLED TV to design the product’s external geometry and finish as well as specific internal mechanics.

The Redefining Space installation created for the Milan Design Week is a three-dimensional interpretation that demonstrates how light, technology and design intersect to illustrate new spatial possibilities with technology that changes forms at the touch of a button. Pairing the absolute contrast and natural colour expression of LG’s unrivalled OLED display technology with the realistic sound of Dolby Atmos, the rollable OLED TV takes viewers on an immersive visual and auditory journey.

The installation illustrated how this cutting-edge LG TV can transform a space from a large-screen home cinema when in Full View mode into a piece of art when the display is in Zero View concealed in the brushed aluminium base. Light shimmering through the window-like cut-outs in the walls of the installation mimics the way sunlight changes position and intensity throughout the day, evoking a sense of time passage. To express how LG’s technology adapts to the rhythms of life, the rollable display unfurls when the environment is bright and full of sound and disappears when the light and noises fade.

Darren Palmer, interior designer and LG SIGNATURE ambassador:

“The technology in LG’s rollable TV solves a problem all designers face when creating living spaces, particularly spaces with panoramic views. The orientation of the room often makes the most of such views; however, this can mean that the occupant can be left without a sensible position to place a TV that doesn’t obstruct. The LG SIGNATURE OLED TV R rollable TV opens up a myriad of options to integrate televisions by rolling up when in use and out of sight when not. This clever design allows occupants to make the most of views and offers freedom of layouts in interior spaces, like we’ve never seen possible. It is truly a designer’s dream.”