Legno , a subsidiary company of Stone and Design company, specialises in stone products and finishes over the past two decades. Now Legno has progressed to high quality interior finish in a broader spectrum. Legno has introduced an extensive range of timber veneer panels. Legno's patented laminated sheets from timber veneers are flexible and are made from high quality timbers.

Legno has a broad range of natural and reconstructed veneer timbers. Legno's timber veneers can be applied on smooth surfaces or on hard materials without visible joints.

Legno services include pressed panel ranging from 1200mm x 2400mm to 1300mm x 3000mm on MDF, HMR MDF, plywoods and pressed doors. Legno's on-site application services are suitable for seamless application over a large frame, application on products that are fused or heavy, part of multi-finish application, resurfacing of existing interiors and in-house surface coating facility.

In reconstructed timber veneer, Legno carefully selects layers of wood, followed by peeling, colouring, reconstructing to a solid log, molding and then finally re-slicing. This process helps in ruling out imperfections of natural materials in order to present a variety of wood types and patterns containing the same grain and colour.