Optic Fibre & LED Lighting Solutions’  RGB SMD ribbon is a versatile LED strip suitable for a wide variety of applications. Each 5m roll consists of 150 x 3 in 1 tri-colour RGB LEDs on a flexible printed circuit board allowing for very even and continuous light output.

Every strip can be cut at 100mm intervals and easily soldered together, allowing users to create lengths of virtually any size.

RGB SMD strip is compatible with all RGB controllers from Optic Fibre & LED Lighting Solutions and can be integrated into a variety of automation and lighting systems such as DMX-512, 0-10V, DALI etc, making it possible to create up to 16.7million different colours.

Every strip is also supplied with 3M self-adhesive tape on the back of every strip allowing it to be mounted to virtually any material.

Typical applications:

  • Pelmet /Cove lighting
  • Illuminated signage
  • Under bench lighting
  • Backlighting transparent or diffused material