LCD Monitor Arms  7Flex and 7500 range of gas operated monitor arms have been awarded an AFRDI rating 3, the highest rating available for any monitor arm available in Australia.

The AFRDI 3 rating is for 24 hour a day multiple person use.

7Flex LCD Arm suspends a flat panel weightlessly above the desk and is intuitive to use and with just one hand, reposition your screen by simply moving it where you need it.

This creates a new workspace on the desk and allows users to work in greater ergonomic comfort.

Each arm includes a FLEXmount kit with 6 mounting options, including desk clamp and thru-desk and wall mounting.

The 7500 model range features higher weight carrying capacity, internal cable management, and a variety of colours and accessories.

The 7500 model range is a popular monitor arm for healthcare applications.