LCD Monitor Arms  has expanded the range of award winning Evo monitor arms.  Evo monitor arms suspend LCD monitors above the desk, where they can be instantly repositioned with one hand for comfortable viewing. Evos save space and allow users to work ergonomically by placing monitors exactly where they are needed.  

Now available in Australia in its entirety for the first time, the Evo range of monitor arms includes the Evo 5545 office monitor arm, the Evo 5501 laptop arm, and the Evo 5645 extended reach arm for healthcare applications.  Height extenders, reach adjusters and flexible mounting options make the Evo monitor mounting range the among most versatile on the Australian market.  The Evo monitor arm is available in silver grey, gloss black or pearl white; it may also be supplied in a wide range of other colours. The standard Evo may be purchased on-line.  

Arms can extend up to 40 cm in length and 30 cm in height, and support monitors up to 10 kg in weight.  This caters for the majority of currently available 17 inch - 23 inch flat screen monitors. Other arms available from  LCD Monitor Arms support monitors up to 30 kg in weight.