Lauxes Grates CEO Tim Dawson created One Grate Conversation to record the company’s story for future generations. The podcast has now become a resource for a wider audience.

With an aim to change the world, the conversations cover influential topics with impactful guests, sharing Lauxes Grates’ knowledge and insights. This external contribution on an international level continues the company’s community involvement.

Alma, podcast host at One Grate Conversation, says:

“A little while ago I had the opportunity to speak with Mark Moskwa who is a fellow podcast host – his show is called Tiling Connect.

“He comes from a background of over 20 years in the tiling industry and has experienced all aspects of the field. We spoke a lot about flipping the narrative, challenging the status quo and inspiring the next generation of people in the tiling industry – and all industries really when I think about it.

“It was so much fun and I hope you have some key takeaways that you can implement after listening to this episode with Mark. Thank you for listening.”

One Grate Conversation is brought to you by Lauxes Grates.