The grate is one of the key components of an effective drainage system. Its purpose is to catch larger debris and prevent it from entering the drain without restricting water flow into the channel. A poorly-specified grate that is hard to work with can not only cause project delays, but can also result in uncontrolled water ingress into the building, safety issues and costly property damage. For every build, choosing the right grate and drainage combination is critical to successful project delivery.

Of Grate Importance: A Guide to Selecting the Right Drainage Grates for Your Building Project provides architects, designers and specifiers with an informative guide to choosing an efficient, durable and aesthetically-pleasing grate. First, we consider the growing popularity of linear drainage systems. We then look at the relevant factors in choosing a drain cover or grate, including material selection (comparing stainless steel and anodised aluminium), waterproofing, maintenance requirements and aesthetic considerations. Finally, we present a range of anodised aluminium drainage grates that provide a highly-durable and elegant solution for water waste drainage.

Lauxes Grates is one of Australia and New Zealand's most exclusive designers and manufacturers of versatile indoor and outdoor drainage solutions. All Lauxes grates and components are made from anodised aluminium, greatly increasing their durability. The anodising process results in a superior finish and aesthetic look that enables a wide variety of contemporary designs. All grates come with a lifetime rustproof warranty.

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