Masco Model BLHT- LGE:

The approximate size is 1200mm high to handle top, 1250mm long, 800mm wide.

The trolley is fitted with 50mm mesh sides and two bars will be fitted on the base.

The trolley will also have a hinged drop down door (approx 1/3 from top) on one side. 4 x 125mm quality grey rubber swivel castors will be fitted.

The internal spring lifter will consist of a folded galvanised sheet steel base fitted with four stainless steel springs (one in each corner).

The frame and mesh will be galvanised steel and all welds will be painted with cold galvanising and sprayed silver.

This is a large trolley so your door sizes will have to be taken into consideration.

Smaller unit can be manufactured. BLHT SML @ 1000mm long x 700mm Wide


  • Scissor Lift
  • Epoxy Coat
  • Full Brake Castors

Masco Model BLHT- LGE Cage Trolleys are available from Laundry systems group.