SPARTACOTE concrete coatings subject matter expert, Ben Grier explains the process of installing SPARTACOTE FLEX PURE chip system for residential garages.

At the project site in North Carolina, the installation team performed surface preparation to a CSP 2, equivalent to about 40 to 50 grit sandpaper texture. Following the preparation, the team applied the pigmented base coat SPARTACOTE FLEX PURE light grey at 200 sq ft per gallon. The chip media was then directly broadcast into the light grey coating with the excess chip media removed after an hour using a leaf blower.

The chip was scraped using sharp floor scrapers in three opposing directions to ensure it was smooth and ready for a SPARTACOTE FLEX PURE topcoat. The clear topcoat of PURE material was applied at an application rate of 150 to 200 sq ft per gallon. A 60-grit SPARTACOTE traction additive was included in the final finish for added slip resistance.

In addition to garage floors, SPARTACOTE concrete floor coating systems are ideal for areas throughout the home with applications ranging from sprucing up the residential entryway or hallway to installing a functional protective concrete coating in basements, bathrooms or garages.

SPARTACOTE FLEX PURE concrete coating systems are low-odour products with almost no VOCs. Resinous flooring systems from Laticrete are an excellent choice for economical, durable and low maintenance flooring, regardless of the residential space.