Laticrete organises a free monthly seminar series, Profit Through Knowledge that focusses on the needs of construction professionals in the ceramic tile and stone industry, as well as the concrete floor restoration and resin coating industry.

The Australian Profit Through Knowledge Technical Seminar is a two-day intensive training program delivered by experienced Laticrete personnel using both classroom instruction and hands-on product demonstration techniques. In addition to construction professionals, the seminar will also benefit those who want to improve their profitability and increase productivity by increasing their awareness of Laticrete’s time-saving products.

The training seminar also discusses commercial, residential and industrial practices as well as industry standards. 

Participants in Laticrete’s Profit Through Knowledge Technical Seminars can gain a better understanding of the concrete, ceramic tile and stone industry; learn how to select and recommend the most suitable installation materials; gain comprehensive knowledge of Laticrete products and installations; learn trade definitions, performance requirements and industry standards; and participate in hands-on product demonstrations.

Seminar Dates & Locations

The seminars are conducted at Laticrete Technical Training Centres and other professional training venues located across Australia.

Brisbane area Queensland location: Laticrete Pty Ltd. 29 Telford Street, Virginia QLD 4014 (March 9 - 10, May 4 - 5, August 3 - 4, November 2 – 3)

Sydney area New South Wales location: Laticrete Pty Ltd. Unit 3/20 Waler Crescent, Smeaton Grange NSW 2567 (March 16 - 17, April 13 - 14, June 8 - 9, September 7 – 8)

Melbourne area Victoria location: Laticrete Pty Ltd. 26 Vella Drive, Sunshine West VIC 3020 (April 6 - 7, May 11 - 12, July 6 - 7, October 5 – 6)