A recent Kitchens and Bathrooms report from the Housing Industry Association (HIA) predicts approximately 560,000 kitchen installations or renovations take place across the country in the 2011/12 financial year. 

Laminex shines the spotlight on the trends set to sizzle in the kitchen for this period.

Lorraine Brigdale, Laminex Design Centre Manager said the boom in kitchen renovations and installations sees homeowners exploring new avenues to translate the latest international trends into a space they can call their own.

“With the resurgence of kitchens as the hub of the home, consumers are now even more focused on creating spaces that are not only functional for their individual needs but reflect their own unique style,” Brigdale said.

“Over the past 12 months alone, we’ve seen exciting new developments in products and surfaces from Formica, Laminex and essastone that have resulted in kitchens becoming the most innovative space in the home – and there’s even more in store for 2011.”

Brigdale says homeowners are increasingly exploring how decors can be integrated across an array of benchtops, cabinetry, doors and panels, to create an interior space which combines aesthetic appeal and durability.

The HIA report states that last year saw the reduction of stainless steel benchtops and the rise of engineered stone benchtops – a trend which Brigdale predicts will continue in 2011, due to the more practical nature of engineered stone and the variety of designs now available.

“Naturalistic décors and gloss finishes will rise to the forefront of kitchen design. In benchtop applications new additions to the Formica GlossPlus and Laminex DiamondGloss ranges increases the selection of woodgrains, stone pattern and solids in a gloss finish on the market, which are easily blended to help consumers create exactly the look they desire.”

The rich deep lustre of Laminex CrystalGloss extends the range of cabinetry finishes, including Laminex ColourTech painted doors, and will continue to be a stylish choice as consumers look to add a splash of colour to the kitchen. Consumers will be spoilt for choice with the wide selection of colours and finishes from the Laminex Colour Palette.
Bridgale also reveals layering and greys will make a big impact.

“‘Layering’, similar to the layering we see in women’s fashion, will be seen in the home with the colours, tones and surface textures layered to create new and exciting interior landscapes in the kitchen.

“In 2010 grey had the strongest influence design and this will continue to rise as people explore the versatility and hidden depths of grey tones. A grey base will evolve into sophisticated tones when colour is added, enabling it to be easily harmonised with the overall interior colour scheme,” she said.

The latest updates to the Laminex Colour Palette and the Formica Colour Range enable consumers to easily apply the grey trend to their kitchen design. The Laminex
Colour Palette has a range of grey hues like Hakata and Chalky Teak, or consumers can turn to the Formica colour palette for fashionable greys like Ash, Hotham Oak and Cast Concrete.

Timber veneers are also set to rise again, stronger and smarter than before.

“A new direction in Laminex Timber Ven see a classic surface making a comeback, allowing consumers to apply veneers beyond their traditional uses to create innovative, inspiring and striking spaces. We’re really excited about the sophistication and luxurious touch Laminex Timber Veneers will add to interiors,” Brigdale said.

The latest kitchen trends and products from Formica can be viewed on Laminex website.