Built in 1966, this unique and colourful home in Melbourne’s south east has been renovated by Drawing Room Architecture to give its existing mid-century modern style a new life.

Consolidating several mismatched updates into a cohesive home full of personality, the project features Laminex Moroccan Clay, Paper Bark and Olympia Blue (discontinued). Though the palette may be bold, the design of the space fills functional requirements, with an oversized feature island providing the perfect hub for connection.


“First thing I thought was it must be Laminex and have those strong colours. I know that as a material, it can be a benchtop, a face, it can be skirting, it can be anything. It can go anywhere, and when it’s got that colour, it’s perfect. There are no issues with how it’s cut, it’s just strong, robust, and beautiful,” says Nicola Dovey from Drawing Room Architecture.

Learn more about this Frank Lloyd Wright inspired home on the Laminex website.

Project credits

Architecture + Interior Design: Drawing Room Architecture

Build: Buena Vista Homes Australia

Styling: Belle Bright Project

Photography: Marnie Hawson