Laminex hosted an exclusive seminar in collaboration with the Green Building Council Australia (GBCA) for the benefit of Melbourne-based architects and designers.  

Held at the Melbourne Convention Centre in May, the seminar titled ‘Opening the Green Door’ helped participating architects, builders and designers to gain insight into green building best practices, products and rating tools as Green Star fast becomes a leading consideration as well as a necessity in building design.  

The Melbourne seminar is one of 13 seminars being held across the country to offer attendees a unique opportunity to increase their knowledge of the latest sustainable building practices.  

Trudy-Ann King from the GBCA made an engaging, interactive and informative presentation to representatives from Designinc, Lyons, Woods Baggot, Hayball, Plus Architects, Baldasso Cortese and Geyer.  

Trudy-Ann’s presentation gave attendees an in-depth and tailored view of Green Star, a voluntary national environmental rating system that evaluates the sustainable design and construction of buildings.  

Since its inception in 2002, there has been a rapid uptake of the Green Star rating, with 13% of Australia’s CBD floor space being Green Star certified. There is an increasing demand for green building products that can assist with Green Star ratings for any construction.  

Participants were taken through examples of maximising Green Star points and specifically how Laminex’s products can help them gain valuable Green Star rating points for a building.  

Laminex’s Greenfirst Manager, Andrew Hripko was also present at the seminar to answer product-specific questions from attendees.  

According to Hripko, the participants found the seminar valuable as it gave them the opportunity to learn more about Laminex products, understand the various ‘green’ verification categories in addition to learning all about avoiding costly mistakes.  

Laminex has been a member of the GBCA for over five years and the recent seminar series is testament to the company’s commitment to driving sustainable building practices.  

The last seminar in the ‘Opening the Green Door’ series will be held in Sydney on 26 May 2011.