The Laminex Group  has recently introduced 14 invigorating new designs to its Fusion Surfaces range of laminate surfaces.

Laminex Fusion Surfaces is a popular choice with architects and designers looking to combine unique creative expression and functionality in residential and commercial interior spaces. Fusion Surfaces has limitless design possibilities available through its Design Source, Customart and Solids categories.

The laminate surfaces offer designers a resource for creating contemporary and unique digitally printed design solutions that can be used to create eye-catching feature walls, cupboards, partitions, furniture, table tops, and even ceilings.

Falling under the Inspired by Nature and Abstract Design Source sub-categories, each of the inspirational new designs has been specifically created to reflect emerging trends towards individuality and creative expression in interior design. The designs of the decorative laminate surfaces focus on the diversity of the world in which we live.

The 14 new designs of laminate surface are certain to create a striking visual impact in any application, whether used in commercial or domestic settings.

More than 300 pre-created laminate designs are available through Design Source and design professionals are also able to create their own surface through Fusion Customart. Fusion Customart allows any image or colour to be digitized and fused into the surface of a Fusion laminate.

Fusion Solids also offers more than 350 colours and the Fusion Wall Mural category offers large-scale single images of landscape, nature and abstract images.

Laminex Fusion is suited to numerous applications and is a finished laminate that can be transformed into benches, counters, ceilings, cupboards, wall panels, signs and tabletops.

All Fusion laminates are custom made from one sheet to thousands and use the latest innovations in large format digital print technology to ensure consistency across each surface.