The Formica brand is celebrating its 100th year anniversary globally with the launch of the Formica Anniversary Collection of laminates.

Meeting the needs of Australian architects, designers and specifiers with a wide range of decorative surface solutions since 1947, the Formica brand has made a significant impact among design professionals.

The new Formica Anniversary Collection of laminates features 12 new patterns that reflect the brand and its history. Formica Marketing Manager Chris Knight explains that the Anniversary Collection draws on the rich history associated with the brand and highlights the innovation of laminate products in today’s commercial world.

Comprising of four design groups, Ellipse, Endless, Dotscreen and Halftone, the 12 new decors have been exclusively created by the world-leading independent design consultancy, Pentagram for commercial interiors.

While Ellipse and Endless showcase the innovative printing technology used today, Dotscreen and Halftone pay homage to the Formica brand’s influence on introducing bright colours to interiors.

Knight adds that Formica Group has engaged influential furniture manufacturer Herman Miller to manufacture a series of special edition Eames tea tables as corporate gifts, showcasing the Anniversary Collection laminates in their full glory.

Formica Anniversary Collection:


Ellipse uses the ‘hidden oval’ in the iconic Formica brand logo to create a series of layered strands that ripple across the surface, and is available in White Ellipse, Gray Ellipse and Red Ellipse.


Endless creates a digital grain from bars that alternatively layer and punch through a coloured base, resulting in a continuous tone-on-tone, architectural pattern that provides a visual interest at close range, and from a distance, provides a geometric texture. This range is available in Endless Graytone, Endless Smoke and Endless Indigo.


Dotscreen features luminous colours with extremely fine microdots in continuous ribbons, and is available in Aqua Dotscreen, Mint Dotscreen and Tangelo Dotscreen.


Halftone features ‘near-bright’ colours patterned with various sizes of toned dots, reminiscent of halftone printing screens, and is available in Blueberry Halftone, Citrus Halftone and Tangelo Halftone.

Formica’s Anniversary Collection of laminates is available from Laminex Group .