Kresta Blinds offers a wide range of blinds designed to provide effective window insulation, resulting in significant energy savings.

Window insulation is an important component of overall thermal efficiency in any home along with quality roof and wall insulations. By insulating windows, one can easily target and control the home's temperature variations.

Double glazed windows or window tinting is one way to control temperature variation, but will need to be done at a considerable expense. Besides, unlike blinds, double glazing or tinting will not add to the individual style and design of the home.

Kresta window blinds offer a variety of styles to suit any home and décor while delivering the functional benefits of smart insulation. Kresta’s range includes cellular blinds, blockout blinds, UV reflecting blinds, large door/window blinds, Venetian blinds and exterior blinds. Kresta blinds can be custom-fitted to any window.

Cellular blinds

One of the most brilliant innovations and smartest choices for window insulation on the market, Kresta’s cellular blinds are constructed with a honeycomb cell structure that works to trap warm air within the blind. Cellular blinds excel in reducing heating costs during winter and also deliver a stunning performance in preventing indoor heat gain during summer.

Kresta’s cellular blinds are available in a single cell or double cell system. The double cell system not only has the advantage of a translucent layer to allow daytime light and views, the added layer of cellular material dramatically increases the blind’s insulative properties, blocking up to 62% of heat transfer through windows.

Blockout blinds

The heavy material of a blockout blind reduces heat and light, helping to maintain internal temperatures. A blockout blind can double the thermal resistance, or R-Value of a window. Increasing the R-Value means keeping the house cooler in summer and warmer in winter, all without using climate control appliances.

Kresta offers blockout fabrics on a range of blind styles, including simple roller blinds, versatile Roman style blinds or for a more elegant style, blinds from the Drapefold range.

While blockout blinds are excellent insulation, they can also block views. Kresta’s DoubleView roller blind offers a UV reflecting sheer fabric to allow light and views during the day while still impeding heat, as well as a blockout fabric on the same blind system that can be lowered to keep the warmth in at night.

UV reflecting SheerView blinds

Kresta’s unique SheerView blind protects the indoors from heat and reduces the need for cooling appliances. Made of a translucent fabric that allows softly diffused light through while eliminating glare and reflecting UV rays, SheerView blinds can be combined with a blockout curtain system to further insulate the windows against heat loss during winter.

Blinds for large glass doors and windows

Consider covering large glass doors and windows to prevent temperature transfer. Vertical blinds and panel blinds are popular and smart choices for covering large windows and doors. Not only do vertical and panel blinds look good, both systems also feature adjustable coverage for light and privacy while providing excellent insulation in both summer and winter.

Venetian blinds

The slatted design of venetian blinds allows for fully adjustable ventilation control, letting the cooling summer breezes through while still covering windows against heat loss during winter. Kresta Venetian range includes timber blinds manufactured from sustainable timbers certified by the Forest Stewardship Council.

Kresta’s aluminium Venetians are available in a range of metallic colours; with their highly reflective surfaces, aluminium venetian blinds can reduce internal heat gain by up to 45%, deflecting heat before it enters the home.

Exterior blinds

Kresta also manufactures a range of outdoor blinds in a variety of styles and designs that work to block out the heat before it even reaches the windows, allowing the indoors to stay cool.