There is a new brand in the building market that combines quality products with good value.

The Konnect range of products are manufactured for builders and tradesman who seek good value for their building products but are not happy to substitute on quality.

Forming part of the Konnect range are the Konnect Silicones, Adhesive and Gap filler.

The Konnect Roof and Gutter Silicone is a non-acidic silicone sealant that is deigned for use with common roofing, cladding, flashing, guttering and rainwater systems.

The translucent and grey silicones can be used on concrete, aluminium, ceramic tiles, stone, fibrous cement and sheet metal.

The Konnect Adhesive is a multi-purpose, solvent-based construction adhesive ideal for installing floor boards, panelling and bonding timber and common construction materials.

Konnect Gap Filler is general purpose gap filler which can be used to fill gaps in timber and aluminium window/ door frames, plasterboard, masonry and brickwork.

Konnect range of building products is available from Konnect