Knauf ’s Cleaneo plasterboard in an Alternating Circular Pattern provides acoustical excellence in the Bendigo Library, injecting new life into a library that has been revitalised and upgraded aesthetically as well as practically.

The Bendigo Library in Victoria was built in 1983, a two storied structure that serviced the community and was home to the Goldfields Library Corporation for the next thirty years. However, it had become dated in the time that passed.

Winning the public tender for the site’s redevelopment three years ago, MGS Architects were tasked with presenting a new contemporary language for the building, and renovating it to high standards such that it could act as a hub for the local community, and a point of interest for visitors.

Here, acoustics take the fore with Knauf’s Cleaneo plasterboard, which project architect Joshua Wheeler says is possibly the biggest installation of the product in Victoria, if not Australia.

Cleaneo is a unique acoustic wall and ceiling lining with built-in air purification that reduces both smells and airborne pollutants, such as Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), thus improving the overall air quality.

It must be installed using Unifloot Joining Compound, and is 13mm thick, and 1188-1200mm wide.