Architectural LED lighting from Klik Systems now comes with a fully NATA certified cyanosis observation index lamp unit that allows medical facilities to quickly detect the onset of cyanosis in patients.

Cyanosis is a condition that suggests severe depletion of oxygen levels in the blood, and is indicated by the bluish discolouration on the patient’s skin. Being a dangerous condition, timely detection of the onset of cyanosis is critical to the patient’s wellbeing.

The NATA certified cyanosis observation index lamp unit available with Klik Systems architectural LED lighting is recommended for use in hospitals, casualty departments, medical centres and laboratories.

Both linear LED lights and downlights can be dimmed in a 0 - 100% range.

The lighting fixtures come with PC3/PC4 laboratory compliance; IP55 and IP65 ratings; anti-vandal resistance; and organic response.

Klik Systems LED linear lights

Key features include NATA tested Cyanosis Observation Index (COI) of 0.94; lumen packages from 200 to 4400 lumens per metre; designed to fit all KLIK Systems profiles; and 4000K colour temperature.

Klik Systems LED downlights

Key features include low glare housing; lumen packages from 650 to 1800 lamp lumens output; designed to fit many KLIK Systems profiles; ceiling mount available; and 4000K colour temperature.