The Kintrol window and door automation range is designed to provide sustainable comfort, safety and security to homeowners.

Kintrol’s 100% Australian power windows and electric opener systems monitor the environment and react when required to open or close windows and doors based on specific conditions.

In the event of a fire, for instance, if the environment becomes smoky, the automated windows and doors will automatically close to prevent the spread of fumes. Should it become too hot inside, the window can automatically open with an electric opener system or manual window operating system to increase ventilation.

If the windows are accidentally left open by the homeowner when leaving the building, Kintrol automated windows can be set to close automatically if movement is detected outside. These windows can also be programmed to close based on weather conditions such as rain, strong winds, temperature drops, smog and hail or even just the time of the day to provide a sustainable environment.

Kintrol’s window control products operate as standalone systems, syncing with other home automation, security, air-conditioning and building management systems.