Kooltherm K10 FM soffit boards from Kingspan Insulation were specified across the Victorian Comprehensive Cancer Centre (VCCC) to meet the demanding design and functional specifications.

Located in Parkville, VIC, the newly-opened cancer centre houses world-leading cancer research, clinical services, and a variety of training and education facilities. High-performance building materials were installed throughout to meet the challenging design brief and demanding specifications.

STHDI+MCR, a partnership of three leading architectural firms – Silver Thomas Hanley and DesignInc with McBride Charles Ryan – was commissioned to design the project while Grocon PCL, a joint venture of two established international companies, was engaged as the project builder. 

Kingspan’s Kooltherm K10 FM soffit board was installed on each of the four basement levels of the VCCC, and in 12 levels of ceiling throughout the building. Featuring a slimline profile, this high-performance board provides efficient insulation while saving space. Specifically designed to insulate concrete roofing and flooring, the phenolic insulation boards provide an attractive and thermally efficient protective barrier. Safety is also assured with its Group 1 BCA fire classification.

Melina Thomas, Director and architect at Silver Thomas Hanley (STH) explained that careful consideration of all materials and their origin was important, especially when it came to compliance and measurable performance. Kooltherm K10 FM soffit board's CodeMark Certification provided that assurance.

Insulation Contractor Pat Moore from Arc, who installed Kooltherm K10 FM soffit boards throughout the VCCC, said that the product met the performance specifications of the brief perfectly. That the board was very fast to work with and also readily available from Kingspan were additional benefits. The initial order of 7,000 square metres was increased to 17,000 square metres with the final area in excess of 35,000 square metres.

According to Pat, the project’s well-executed planning and tight organisation ensured its success.

Kooltherm K10 FM soffit board was also perfect for addressing the fire safety requirements in the building. Delivering exceptional fire performance, the K10 is FM approved to Class 1 fire rating (Class No. 4880), and has Group 1 BCA fire classification. The product has also undergone the rigours of fire collar performance testing, and is compliant with AS 1530.4.

Smoke emissions are also an important consideration, particularly in health facilities where the occupants’ mobility may often be restricted. Kooltherm K10 FM soffit board has been tested to substantially outperform alternative rigid panel insulation products such as PIR, which release approximately 2.5 times more smoke than Kooltherm K10, delaying or possibly affecting a safe escape.