Kooltherm K10 G2 soffit board, the newly released insulation product from Kingspan Insulation has received market acceptance with the board being specified for several projects. Kingspan had earlier withdrawn their popular Kooltherm K10 soffit board.

The new soffit board product, Kooltherm K10 G2 boasts third party CodeMark certification in line with other products in the Kooltherm range. It also holds a Group 2 fire rating for compliance with the National Construction Code’s (NCC) revised ISO 9705 full-room fire testing requirements.

According to Kingspan Insulation, the new product has been adopted seamlessly following the changeover, by a number of upcoming projects around the country.

“We are glad to see those who have been using our products for a long time openly accept this change,” commented Kingspan Insulation ANZ Sales Director, Craig Burr.

“We wanted to ensure from the very start that our customers knew they were still going to receive the same great results and service we have always provided.”

The new Kooltherm K10 G2 soffit board features Kingspan’s signature fibre-free rigid thermoset phenolic foam, sandwiched between an upper tissue-based facing and a lower facing of highly reflective aluminium foil autohesively bonded to the insulation core. This foil is the main point of difference between the G2 and its predecessor, with the thicker and more resistant material chosen specifically to increase the fire performance of the new product.

The white version of the G2, the new Kooltherm K10 G2W white soffit board has also been added to Kingspan’s soffit products.

"After seeing the positive reaction to the change in the product, we are confident the new Kooltherm K10 G2 soffit board will be just as popular, if not more popular, than its predecessor," continued Burr.

“Our Kooltherm range covers a wide range of applications to provide diverse solutions. The Kooltherm K10 G2 soffit suite is just a small part of what Kingspan insulation has to offer,” concluded Burr. 

The two new products join the company’s existing Kooltherm K10 PLUS soffit board to complete the soffit board range. The Kooltherm K10 PLUS soffit board has achieved a Group 1 fire rating under AS 5637 and features a fibre cement facing for those applications requiring a Group 1 fire rated product.