Kingspan Insulation announces that its flexible ducting product, NovaDuct has achieved the CodeMark certification. NovaDuct is the first flexible duct product in Australia to carry the quality assurance of CodeMark accreditation, recognised as the building industry’s most credible independent certification program, providing third-party endorsement of product performance, material integrity and quality.

Building industry professionals specifying and installing flexible ducts need complete confidence and assurance that the product will perform in accordance with stated ratings, and in full compliance with Australian Standards and codes.

As the first flexible duct product to achieve CodeMark certification in Australia, NovaDuct, produced by Kingspan Air Delivery Systems, offers HVAC industry professionals complete peace of mind that the product conforms with advertised performance ratings and descriptions.

Designed to provide consistency and quality in equal measure, NovaDuct has been manufactured by Kingspan using a revolutionary patented manufacturing process to enhance its reliability over traditional duct products.

Graeme Cliff, Production Manager, Kingspan Air Delivery Systems explains that a high level of automation during fabrication reduces the risk of material or performance deviations. Additionally, NovaDuct polyester insulation is incorporated into the ductwork using an in-line manufacturing process, ensuring it is simultaneously bonded to the duct core during production.

Kingspan’s fabrication methods result in ducts with true and consistent R-value proficiency, helping associated heating and cooling systems achieve optimal energy efficiency.