‘Better Buildings for a Better World’ – a global project book by Kingspan Insulation features several Australian projects. This global showcase spotlights projects that exemplify innovative and future-proofed design thinking, and represents the stepping stones towards tackling the issues the buildings of tomorrow must solve.

Kingspan’s advanced insulation and building solutions are already contributing to inspirational and sustainable buildings around the world.

Better Buildings

Kingspan’s vision for sustainable buildings

The buildings of the future must combat climate change by maximising energy efficiency through superior thermal performance. Using less energy is not enough; buildings should generate their own energy too. 

Buildings should be healthy and inspirational, optimising the benefits of daylight and fresh, clean air. They should be designed, constructed and operated to protect natural resources and conserve water as much as possible. Buildings must also keep people and property safe from fire and other natural hazards. 

Kingspan believes that these objectives are possible and buildings can also deliver greater value with advanced products and digitalisation. This belief underpins the company’s Planet Passionate sustainability programme and the work being done at their IKON Innovation Centre. Combined with Kingspan’s advanced insulation and building envelope solutions, these two initiatives will deliver on the vision of ‘Better Buildings for a Better World’.

Kingspan’s 10 drivers for sustainable buildings

To achieve truly future-proofed and sustainable built environments, all buildings must be designed, constructed and operated to deliver 10 key benefits for the wellbeing of people and the planet, with the ultimate goal of meeting the IPCC 1.5° climate change scenario. 

These 10 drivers are: Energy Efficiency, Embodied Carbon, Circularity, Fire Performance, Occupant Wellbeing, Water Conservation, Healthy Materials, Digitalisation, Property Value, and Construction Efficiency.