Kennovations Product Design and Engineering designed, engineered and manufactured an operable roof system at a five-bedroom home in Mosman, Sydney.

The stylish and functional operable roof system was designed by Kennovations to meet the client’s desire for an innovative way to utilise a courtyard as an inside/outside room. The design and functionality of Kennovations’ operable roof system with a dual sliding roof would transform a fully indoor room into an open air courtyard.

The operable roof was designed with two structures comprising of a ceiling and glass roof. The ceiling provides a complete enclosure to form an indoor finish, sliding back to allow natural light and warmth into the courtyard while protecting from rain and wind. With the glass roof completely open, the 4.5 x 5.8m courtyard is again restored to the open air.

Key features of Kennovations’ operable roof system include steel and laminated glass construction; overall structure spanning 6 x 6m in size; mechanical operation using a fixed switch, with an optional remote control; and sensor feature that automatically detects rainfall and closes the glass roof. 

However, control is always with the operator who can stop and start the roof at any position to suit the ambience.

During the development phase, the roof was incorporated into the architectural design to allow for the appropriate structural loads.