The One Central Park development has won accolades for Robert Bird Group, Arup, WSP and Kennovations for their contributions to the prestigious project.

The highly acclaimed One Central Park has now been recognised by Engineers Australia in the buildings and structures category at the Sydney Engineering Excellence Awards 2014.

The Sydney Engineering Excellence Awards (SEEA) recognises the contributions made by engineers to the community through innovation and creativity, thereby encouraging excellence in engineering practice. Forty-nine finalists over 13 categories had been shortlisted by the industry association with eight finalists making it into the buildings and structures category.

According to Steve Finlay, General Manager of Engineers Australia, the Excellence Awards showcase the very best of the best to the wider community; the building and structures category is especially reflective of how engineers can contribute to transforming a cityscape to reflect the changing wants and needs of the community.

Located in Broadway, Sydney, One Central Park features an integrated heliostat and daylighting system that redirects natural sunlight into the retail precinct and throughout the parklands on the property. The architectural heliostat system is a significant leap towards sustainable living, addressing imminent shading issues in urban developments.

The heliostat system is made up of 320 reflective mirror panels hinged beneath the cantilever working in sync with 40 motorised sun-tracking heliostats that use precision and timing to reflect light to the reflector mirror panels on the cantilever.

Director Tim Philips explains that Kennovations put extensive efforts into the engineering and design of the heliostat system, and is proud to be part of the realisation of an innovative lighting solution that is ahead of its time.

The project, along with other finalists is currently on display at the Powerhouse Museum in Sydney, open to the public until the end of 2014.