Kennovations Product Design and Engineering was recently commissioned to custom design, engineer and construct a unique sculpture for a new development to commemorate the history of Australia Post.

Based on a postage stamp concept, the visual public artwork with elements of an optical illusion, Memory Fragments represents the history of Australia Post in the locality in Rydalmere, Sydney. The impressive sculpture is displayed adjacent to the entry to the new site on Victoria Road.

Local council policy requires property developments to invest in public artworks. Ross Shepherd, Director of Site Image was commissioned to develop art concepts for the sculpture forms. He explains that the form of vertical blades at varying intervals along the roadway shows slices of the stamp image separated, while a composite single image of the stamp can be viewed from certain angles.

Ross adds that the dynamic visual effect gives distinctive contemporary expression to the history of Australia Post at this site 50 years ago, and represents the flickering effect of many passing stamps on envelopes.

Kennovations designed and installed seven 4.9m vertical blades featuring two different stamp designs on each side and a total of 14 metal strips fabricated in the build. Each metal strip is made of structural steel that adjoins composite panels to keep the blades secure against the wind and other conditions. The overall structure is supported by concrete foundations set into the landscape strip on the footpath.