The easing of water restrictions in Sydney provides the first opportunity in many years for the exterior of homes to be given a good spring clean.

Kennards Hire , with 24 outlets throughout Sydney, have a wide range of water blasters to help people get rid of dirt, grime and mildew, which has accumulated during the drought.

By using one of these machines, they can do an effective job without wasting water.

Under the changes announced by Sydney Water, a water blaster with a trigger nozzle can be used to clean the exterior of homes, including walls, windows and gutters.

Boats, car engines and caravans can also be water blasted. Cleaning paths or driveways is not allowed, although an application can be made for a permit if moss has made them dangerous.

Kennards Hire’s NSW General Manager, Adrian Manning, said, even though restrictions had been eased, most hirers were still likely to be water conscious.

Adrian Manning said that the water blasters are fitted with a trigger nozzle, so water is released only when the trigger is held down.

These machines are also water efficient, because they blast out water at great force, speeding up the cleaning process.

Kennards Hire’s well-known water blaster for DIY use is an electric powered model, which plugs into a normal power point and blasts out cold water at 1200-1500psi. It is easy to wheel around and can be taken home in the boot of a medium size car.

A petrol-powered cold water machine provides more pressure, 2000psi, but the user will need a trailer or be prepared to pay a small fee for delivery.

Kennards Hire also have a new hot water blaster for oil and grease removal, which is ideal for boats and car engines.