When our customers told us that they were working longer hours than ever before, often finishing their workday well after traditional branch opening hours, we swung into action and introduced our After Hours Returns service.

Enabling a 24/7 equipment return solution for our customers is an Australian first. It means that Kennards Hire customers, from construction project managers and time-poor tradies to weekend DIYers, have more time to concentrate on the job and not the clock.

From speaking directly with our customers, we know that this service allows them the peace of mind not to rush when working on jobs, which improves safety outcomes and gives them the flexibility to return equipment at a time that suits them.

Tools, Time, and Triumphs: Cruise’s Story

Cruise Iosefa, owner of Cruise Turf Services and frequent user of our After Hours Return service, is a synthetic turf specialist with 10+ years of experience. While his business does own some equipment, there are often multiple jobs being completed at the same time and there is a need for extra machinery to get the work done.

“It can be very busy during the day, especially when I’m working on multiple projects at different locations. When I discovered Kennards Hire's After Hours Returns service, this allowed me to maximise my work and personal time without compromising my schedule,” said Cruise.

Cruise often finds himself juggling tight project schedules and frequently uses Kennards Hire's equipment for various jobs throughout Sydney and this situation posed a dilemma: either he had to rush to return the equipment before the branch closed or keep the equipment longer than needed.

The solution? With Kennards Hire’s After Hours Return service, Cruise can stress less knowing that he’s got the flexibility to return equipment at a time that works for him. The service allows him to return equipment outside of regular business hours, and in between family time, ensuring flexibility and convenience.

Why After Hours Returns?

Flexible return timing: The most significant benefit is the flexibility it offers. Cruise can return the equipment at a time that suits him, whether it's late at night or early in the morning. This eliminates the stress of rushing to return the items during busy business hours.

Time savings: By utilising the After Hours Returns service, Cruise saves time. He can work on jobs until they are completed without the pressure of meeting a return deadline. This allows him to achieve better results in his jobs as well as spend time with his family, which is usually at the cost of having to return equipment during traditional trading hours.

Effortless process: The return process is incredibly straightforward. All Cruise needs to do is follow the step-by-step process provided by Kennards Hire and drop equipment off using a designated key drop-off point.

"Kennards Hire helps me with business support and growth"

Cruise found Kennards Hire's After Hours Returns service to be a total game-changer. It let him juggle his busy workdays and family time. Being able to drop off equipment whenever, even after regular work hours, made his job easy. Not only did he save time, but he also got a feel of how committed Kennards Hire is to keeping customers happy.

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