Equipment hire specialist Kennards Hire supplied tools and equipment to the contestants of popular television show, The Block.

The latest project required the five contesting couples to create the perfect bedroom and study.

Brothers Simon and Shannon designed a study with the high ceiling leading up to a light well, which impressed the judges. Shannon explained that the skylight added a bit of wow factor to the stairwell from an architectural perspective.

While a skylight can be a great addition to a variety of rooms around the house, it also requires the right tools for the job. The frame installation involved sawing off the sheathing on the roof while a drywall saw was used to slice out a section in the wall inside. Both types of saws are easily available from the Kennards Hire team.

However, the winners of the week were Dee and Darren for installing parquetry flooring in their study.

A parquet floor can definitely be an eye-catching and beautiful feature in any room, but it's not the easiest feature to install. Like any flooring, it requires careful planning, especially when using a diagonal herringbone design.

Prior to installing a parquet floor, one should ensure a well-laid foundation for the tiles, which needs a level surface. Handymen in the past would painstakingly scrape the surface with a cutting tool; however, modern technology allows the use of a floor sander or polisher for the same task minus the physical effort. A variety of saws or even a tile cutter can come in use too during the installation.