A reversible plate compactor from Kennards Hire was in its element when used by Peter Thomas Building, which specialises in renovating inner-city heritage homes.  

As part of a much larger project, the small backyard was paved with Australian sandstone, and the machine from Kennards Artarmon compacted the crushed concrete base.  

“It is such an easy tool to use, and so good for tight areas” said foreman Scott Armstrong. “You can work right up to a wall and then put it in reverse gear, rather than having to turn it around, which can put your levels out.”  

This compactor, which is powered by a four stroke petrol motor, weighs 68kg, has a plate size of 480mm by 350mm and an impact force of 15kN.  

The compactor is among a range of small, medium and large plate compactors which can be hired from Kennards.  

Also available are rammers, which come with a trolley, weigh 80kg and have a plate measuring 300mm by 300mm.  

Kennards has more than 90 locations across Australia.