New portable safety stairs, which allow quick, easy and safe movement between floors on building sites, can now be hired from Kennards Hire.

Made from high-grade aluminium, the stairs have two handrails, which is particularly handy for workers carrying tools and materials.

Building inspectors, clients and other site visitors are also much safer using this option.

Weighing only 52.5kg, the stairs can be carried by two men and fold flat for easy transportation.

The portable safety stairs are anchored to the building structure with bolts or heavy duty woodscrews. Only one person should use them at a time, and there is a weight limit of 152kg.

Building contractor Simon Elias, who hired a set of Kennards’ stairs, said they were much better than an extension ladder. “It definitely kept all the ‘tradies’ happy, and made the job safe and easy,” he said.